Hi, I’m Anna. Your fashion big sister.

On November 2018, at the ripe old age of 28, I made a critical life decision – I left my cushy salaried job in tech-recruiting to pursue my dream of working in the fashion industry. I had zero background, zero experience and zero education in fashion. I was armed with only a semi-decent fashion sense and a dog-like obsession to be a part of something bigger than myself.

Fast forward to now. I’ve been a personal stylist to powerful executive women in Silicon Valley, an assistant to a celebrity wardrobe stylist in San Francisco, a studio stylist for a men’s e-commerce website, had my styling featured in a European fashion zine, and now am living in New York City working as a Digital Stylist for a renowned luxury women’s retailer.

This isn’t meant to be one big humble-brag. The truth is I still feel like I don’t entirely “fit in” sometimes. I think grandpa sneakers are ridiculous, I barely have a social media following, TikTok gives me a headache, I don’t know how to sew and, to this day, I still don’t own anything designer. Also, if anyone else figures out what “effortless style” means, let me know as it still eludes me.

When I was first getting started in the industry, I couldn’t help but wish that there was somewhere I could go to advice or resources. There was an astonishing lack of information available on how to get a job in fashion, the different kinds of jobs and what they entailed,  or how to market myself to employers. Whatever information I did find seemed to be targeted more towards college students or younger professionals – not career-transitioners like me. And a lot of advice was really vague and full of platitudes – like “be a go-getter”. As the great Miranda Priestley said, groundbreaking. What I needed was concrete, step-by-step guidance on how to enter the industry and all I got was Hallmark cliches.

Through trial-and-error, perseverance and LOTS and LOTS of Google searches, I managed to build a brand new career in fashion from scratch. Along the way, I’ve taken notes and gathered insights, imagining that one day I would find a way to share this advice and help someone else who was going through the same thing that I did.

That’s how this blog was born.

This blog is meant to be half a diary of my experiences navigating the fashion industry and half the advice that I wish I had when I first got started. It’s for girls and guys like me – who want to enter this crazy overwhelming but intoxicating industry but have no idea where to start.

Although I’ve “made” it into fashion, I’m still learning new things everyday. And this is where I’ll be sharing all my new learnings. Like I said, think of me as your fashion big sister. I make the fashion faux pas so that you don’t have to.

I hope my blog can be a safe space where readers can learn, be inspired, ask questions, share ideas, and get the industry know-how and tips they need to go out into the fashion world and be their best selves.

From what it takes to make a career transition to how to become a stylist assistant to affordable styling tips to everything in between, I hope my blog can be a source of motivation for you!



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